5 Great Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Family

The holiday season presents a great opportunity for family bonding. Often, the best memories don’t come from lavish activities or expensive trips: sometimes all it takes is a night in as a family, cuddled up by the fire with great Christmas movies on the TV. 

The Christmas Chronicles (2018)
Age Rating: 10+
Available on Netflix

This delightful film features Kurt Russell as Santa Claus and follows two young children with a common dream: to catch Santa Claus. They fail, as many do, but what ensues is a wonderful story full of Christmas joy and some great lessons on the meaning of Christmas itself. Not to mention there’s a sequel out now!

The Polar Express (2004)
Age Rating: 3+

Available on YouTube and Amazon Prime

Frost the Snowman is another old movie that seems to never lose its charm. This short film about the famous singing and dancing snowman is great for children of all ages, but it may not maintain the attention of those a little older. It’s more of a fun and comical movie and great for a light-hearted night of relaxation.

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (2018)
Age Rating: 5+

Available on Netflix

The updated version of this classic story is fresher and more relevant. The humor works for both kids and adults alike, and the message of redemption, forgiveness, and the importance of simple kindness will resonate for both audiences as well. This movie may only be appropriate for children above the age of 5 as the Grinch is somewhat of a monstrous looking creature.

A Christmas Prince (2018)
Age Rating: 10+
Available on Netflix

This Netflix original features a fun spin on a typical Christmas love story. Amber is the future wife of Richard, whom she helped secure the crown. The movie details her internal struggle with what it means to be a queen and the process she undergoes towards realizing she is in fact worthy. It’s a great film to show young girls and will be sure to inspire confidence and help with self-doubt! 

[Save the sequel, The Royal Baby, for your next movie night!]

The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017)
Age Rating: 8+

Available on Hulu

This movie is an interesting take on the typical Christmas story: it follows Charles Dickens, the author behind the tale, through his journey from struggling as a writer to inevitably finding inspiration for his Christmas classic from life itself. 

It’s historical overtones may make it a bit slower than many younger children have the patience for, but for those interested in literature, history, or old enough to focus on the duller parts, it’s a great choice. 

We hope this helps with finding the best Christmas movies this holiday season. Along with getting you into the holiday spirit, we hope this helps bring your family closer together. Contact us here if you would like to learn more or you can sign up below to receive emails from us.

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