Bloom BoxES

Mission +Vision

Our signature Bloom Box was inspired by the kindness and generosity shown to our founder during the adoption of her daughter.

“I was working as a gymnastics coordinator with an incredible team of people during the adoption of my daughter. Team members would stop by the house to check in, pitch-in to babysit, play and giggle with my daughter before classes started. One team member would show up with trash bags full of little girl clothes-beautiful dresses, shoes, tops and bottoms–you name it!

My daughter and I were so excited to get home and see what she had received. I can’t tell you how thankful I was to have clothes waiting in her dresser the moment she grew into the next size and for the memories these adorable little outfits have created for her.”

– Tiffany Wright, Founder and CEO

About Bloom Box

Bloom Box is a reminder to families and children that their community loves, supports and values them. While the items in the box may not be all a child ever needs, our wish is that they make it just a little bit easier for families to focus on building relationships, seizing opportunities to make lifelong memories, and bring joy to those who receive a box.

Bloom Box is available seasonally for those impacted by the foster care network, kinship care, and adoption. Items inside the box have been generously donated by the community and are in new or like-new condition. Clothing items are professionally cleaned and other items are wiped down prior to preparing the box. Boxes are intended for ages 0-9 and include: clothing, hygiene, toy and a book.

Parents, kinship caregivers, and legal guardians must register to receive a box.